Model of the Week September 12th

Amy Lynn Grover

Los Angeles, CA

Top Models Featured September 12th Amy Lynn GroverProfession :    Fitness Professional

Height :    5'7"

Measurements :    34-25-37

Biography :

Amy Lynn Grover is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

Amy Lynn is one of the America’s most recognized fitness models and has appeared on countless magazine covers and in feature stories. Trained as a dancer, Amy Lynn quickly found she had a natural ability to express herself through movement – a gift that helped her excel in a modeling career and eventually as an actor and host.

Along the way, Amy Lynn’s passion for fitness never diminished and she continued to pursue the calling personally and professionally. After practicing yoga for 15 years, she completed her training and certification at the famed White Lotus Yoga Institute with renowned instructors Ganga White and Tracey Rich. As a teacher herself, Amy Lynn’s sessions are built on Hatha yoga flows and poses, but also incorporate her experiences from dance and her work as a personal trainer.

She is drawn to teaching yoga because of her desire to share the light and goodness of the world with others. She works diligently with students to discover the wholeness that comes not only from a healthy body, but also an open mind and fulfilled spirit. Her knowledge of personal nutrition and training provide her the expertise to advise clients on the adjustments that they can make to their diet and lifestyle to enhance their experiences in her sessions.

Amy Lynn has a playful spirit and is always ready to offer a smile and encouragement to her students. She is an avid adrenaline junkie, she loves to spend her time outdoors challenging herself with other sporting activities like snowboarding, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, skydiving, and hiking.

Amy Lynn Grover   

Websites Amy Can Be Found Include :

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What One Word Describes You Best ?   Inssane..LOL

What Is Your Favorite Sports Team ?   Toronto Maple Leafs

What Is Your Favorite Activity ?    Yoga

Who Is Your Favorite Actor ?   Julia Roberts

What Is Your Favorite TV Show ?   Dont Watch TV

What Is Your Favorite Vacation Hot Spot ?    I Travel All Over the World, I LOVE the Caribbean

Are you a Proud Pet Owner ?   No, But I Want a French Bulldog

What Food Do You Crave Most ?   Sometimes I like a Little Sweet of Something :)

What Is Your Favorite Cocktail ?   I am not a Big Drinker, But I DO Like A Glass of Wine

Who Is The One Person You Admire Most ?    My Man is Pretty Inspiring...I Adore Him !

What Is Your Favorite Quotation ?    " Your Body, Your Love for Life, and Your Bank Account are all Related- Keep them Healthy and in Check and Balannced "

What Is Your Biggest Turn On ?   Someone Who has it All Together. The Drive, Energy, Composure and Can Turn Heads Walking into a Room

What Is Your Biggest Turn Off ?    Selfishness

What Is The Worst Pick Up Line A Guy Has Ever Used On You ?   LOL.. Do People Even Use Pickup Lines Anymore ?

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Amy Lynn Grover, fitness expert, yoga instructor, business woman, model, host