Model of the Week January 9th

Kourtney Reppert

Los Angeles, CA

Top Models Featured January 9th Kourtney ReppertProfession :    Professional Model

Height :    5'5"

Measurements :    34-24-36

Biography :

Kourtney Elizabeth Reppert was born on April 8th, 1986 in Leesport, Pa. She has three older sisters who were all very involved in sports. This pushed Kourtney to have an interest in sports as well while growing up. She excelled in swimming, basketball, field hockey, cross country, volleyball, and her favoirte sport, softball. She didn't have much interest in anything other than pitching on her highschool and tournament softball teams. She was a tomboy growing up in school, but that didn't stop anyone from noticing her beautiful features and charm.

In middle school she won “Next Miss America” in her middle school voting “Career’s after High School.” After high school she attended Kutztown University, but soon left to pursue her modeling career, which like anyone one else, it took hard work and dedication to find her place.

Soon, her hard work started paying off and she landed her first break in a commercial for Constellation Energy. Following that she was offered stand in/extra work on the set of National Treasure 2. While modeling kept Kourtney busy, she also knew she wanted to pursue an esthetician license. Kourtney attended Lancaster School of Cosmetology in the fall of 2010, and finished that following spring. Shortly after her completion of school, she began to do more photo shoots with photographers, and her name was being brought up to many in the industry.

Kourtney decided to take that next step and move to Philadephia, which was a big step for Kourtney moving from a small town to a busy city. Kourtney knew she had to move to Philadephia in order to be noticed more, and thats exactly what happened.

In the next coming months of 2011, she was on the opening poster for the Phillies, Flyer’s Website for Flyers Hottest fan, and a busy schedule booked with photo shoots. She soon was approached by a Yahoo writer Sean O'Brien, a writer who saw “star” quality in this model, and asked to write a sports piece on her modeling. Within interviewing her, he knew he had more of a story on this bombshell then just writing a brief piece on her sports modeling for the Phillies and Flyers. He wrote a 2 part article about her life as a model, and Yahoo reader’s enjoyed the article very much.
In such a short time of success Kourtney got in Philadephia she decided to make the brave move and relocate to LA after visiting the city of dreamers. She knew she had better opportunity for modeling and acting there, and if anything major would happen for her to take her to the next level-it would happen in Los Angeles.

Within the final weeks to relocate to LA, she was named “Philly’s Hottest Blonde” from the Preston and Steve Morning show on WMMR. Within winning her title, she was asked to make an appearance on the morning show, and she agreed easily. Since then Kourtney has made apperances on the radio, Fox sports,,,, and many more sport sites while residing in Los Angeles.

"I've adjusted to living in Los Angeles, it's actually the best decision I've ever made for myself and my career. If I had to give advice to anyone going after their dreams, it is to really just day dream, dream at night, and dream whenever, and whatever you want. My day dreaming has got me here"-Kourtney Reppert

Currently modeling full time but now my passion has switched to music. I am working with amazing song writers who are amazing at what they do, and studio time has been my release from a lot of the stress that the industry puts on you. I'm looking forward to hearing my myself and for you to hear me as well :) stay tuned!

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Kourtney Reppert   

Websites Kourtney Can Be Found Include :

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What One Word Describes You Best ?   Hardworking

What Is Your Favorite Sports Team ?   Phillies

What Is Your Favorite Activity ?    Running

Who Is Your Favorite Actor ?   Vince Vaughn

What Is Your Favorite TV Show ?   Everyone Loves Raymond

What Is Your Favorite Vacation Hot Spot ?    Aruba

Are you a Proud Pet Owner ?   Yes, I have a Hampster Name Hanna

What Food Do You Crave Most ?   Chips & Salso

What Is Your Favorite Cocktail ?   Pear Vodka & Water

Who Is The One Person You Admire Most ?    My Mother

What Is Your Favorite Quotation ?    " What Will Be, Will Be "

What Is Your Biggest Turn On ?   Tall, Dark & Handsome

What Is Your Biggest Turn Off ?    Liars

What is the Worst Pick Up Line a Guy Has Ever Used On You ?   Do You Know Who You Look Like ?

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Kourtney Reppert, Philly's Hottest Blonde

Kourtney Reppert, Philly's Hottest Blonde

Kourtney Reppert, Philly's Hottest Blonde

Kourtney Reppert, Philly's Hottest Blonde

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